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What’s Here and What’s New for You

“Let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in Heaven.

– Matthew 5:16 (ESV)

People like you, with a servant’s heart, are the reason this ministry works – in visible and less obvious ways. Take a moment to look back with us at 2022: what’s here, what’s new, what’s growing strong, and highlights of what’s to come, including exciting things on the 2023 horizon.

Working in the Lord’s vineyard and giving glory to the Father is a worthy endeavor – any time of year. Thanks to our members, partners, prayers, and providence, this ministry bears fruit year-round. But as 2022 turns into 2023, it’s good to look back and celebrate God’s blessings while also looking forward to what’s ahead.

Seven Success Stories of 2022

Like you, we’re all about sharing the Lord’s light and His love! Here are seven CMH shared successes from 2022, rooted in the Word, guided by His ways, and still growing:


Earn membership credits with CHM Bring-a-Friend.

Bring-a-Friend: Updated & Easier to use!

Bring-a-Friend referral program: new and improved! Why not spread the word and share the blessings? When you tell friends about CHM, you receive a blessing too. This year, we streamlined our referral program and made it more rewarding than ever:

  • It’s smart – earn credits toward your monthly gift amount or your Personal Responsibility
  • It’s easier to use – friends just click your personalized membership portal link and watch for your credits
  • It’s automatic – you’re credited in just a few months based on your friend’s participation and membership level
  • It’s rewarding – invite as many people as you’d like and earn up to one free year!

No wonder so many members have enrolled since we relaunched this program last July! Know someone who could be blessed by joining CHM? Bring-a-Friend on board.


Healthiest You, by Teladoc. Telemedicine with CHM.

HealthiestYou™ by Teladoc: Saving you steps and money.

This partnership program launched late last year, but it grew by leaps and bounds in 2022. All CHM members and families – regardless of program level – can participate. There’s no additional cost beyond your regular monthly gift:

  • Save time and cut out-of-pocket costs with 24/7 access to licensed physicians by phone or video chat from home.
  • Use Teladoc for help with minor medical concerns, from cold and flu bugs to skin rashes and other non-emergency healthcare needs.
  • Register for HealthiestYou™ by Teladoc today and resolve to save yourself some time and money in 2023!


Check out our hub for all new CHM members. After You Join.

A brand-new Member Hub: Great things start here.

What’s new when you’re new to CHM? Everything! No worries – just start here and check in anytime for all this and more:

  • What to know about CHM and how it works
  • Smart tips and details to help you make the most of your membership
  • Answers to common questions
  • Digital membership card details
  • Quick links, with information about:
    • Medical providers and specialists
    • How to get great deals on prescriptions
    • How to make your CHM membership even more cost-effective
    • How to navigate the medical bill-sharing process
  • Click to find even more after-you-join basics.

CHM's maternity education program.

Maternity education program: More for moms and families.

Expecting? You can lower your maternity Personal Responsibility amount by $500 when you reach out to CHM early to join our maternity education program.

Get mom and baby off to a great start with a basketful of advantages, including:

  • Helpful tips and information about your pregnancy journey
  • Prescreened quality healthcare providers
  • The latest in-the-know information about maternity-related topics
  • Access to an OB/GYN nurse, here to talk with you about your questions and concerns


Find all your spiritual resources in one place.

CHM spiritual resources: Good for the soul!

Everyone needs a lift now and then. Find what you need when you need it through our Christian community resources, including:


CHM's devotional series on the Fruit of the Spirit.

FruitFULL - Our study on the Fruits of the Spirit

“By their fruits you will know them.” (Matthew 7:17-20) From love, joy, and peace to patience, self-control, and faithfulness – the fruits of the Spirit are evident in the lives of Christians. Learn more and stay focused on what’s fruitful with resources, inspiration, and insights:


Building a more biblical marriage.

Building a Better Marriage: Godly goals for the new year.

Start the year off right and resolve to build a stronger-than-ever bond with your spouse by this time next year. Whether you’re engaged, newly married, or busy balancing the demands of a growing family, you’ll find great guideposts and inspiration here.

Sign up for our free Building a Better Marriage kit, including fun marriage games for spouses and a special video series featuring some of our own CHM married couples!


Thanks to you, our ministry is still growing strong as we let the Spirit lead us along the way. Our members continue to be an inspiration to all of us at CHM and a blessing to each other.

With trust in the Lord, we’re looking forward to more fruit-bearing opportunities in the year ahead, always for the glory of God.



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