Mothers in the Bible

"Her mouth is full of wisdom; kindly teaching is on her tongue." 

- Proverbs 31:26

Role models

God loves mothers. Bible verses about mothers appear repeatedly, honoring these women by recording their stories of courage and faith in God’s written Word. Many of them were also included in the royal lineage of Jesus. There’s much we can learn from them.

Role models

There are many examples in the Bible of strong women who served God and followed His will for their lives. They were imperfect, just like us. They lost their temper with their little ones, forgot to feed the dog, and ended up cleaning late into the night. However, God’s strength worked through their weaknesses.

Women in the Bible weren’t perfect mothers. This is good news because it means we can come to God just as they did. His grace is bigger than any of our dreams, desires, wants, or needs. He hasn’t forgotten about our “to-do” lists or the daily trials we face. God’s will is for us to draw closer to Him and lean into His forgiveness and perfect love.


A mother’s love is inspiring. It is fierce, kind, selfless, tender, and strong. It also reflects a small portion of God’s heart. The love you have for your children is imperfect, but God’s love is completely perfect towards you and your family.

Motherhood has many blessings, although it might not always feel that way. Children are a gift from the Lord, and God knows what your children need even more than you do.

Strong women in the Bible weren’t resilient in their own might, but rather, they learned they needed to rely on His strength. He knows what we need, and He's faithful to provide wisdom for our everyday lives.


What does God say about me?

Mothers make a lasting impact on the family of God. The Bible is still relevant for the modern day, as today’s families still face the same core problems, struggles, and joys. That means we can look to God’s Word and know it will refresh our souls.


God knows the desires of your heart and wants to comfort you when times are hard. When you seek spiritual growth, Scriptures about mothers provide you with powerful lessons that lead back to the Father.
You are valued, loved, and play an eternally important role in the life of your family and the kingdom of God.

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