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Mothers in the Bible

God cares about mothers. There are many examples in the Bible of strong women who served God and followed His will for their lives. These women were honored for their courage and faith by having their stories recorded in God's written Word. And many of them were included in the royal lineage of Jesus. There's much we can learn from them.


What does God say about me?

God knows the desires of your heart and wants to comfort you when times are hard. When you seek spiritual growth, scriptures about mothers provide you with powerful lessons that lead back to the Father. You are valued, loved, and play an eternally important role in the life of your family and the Kingdom of God. 

Biblical Mothers



Though not “born” in the biological sense, Eve was made by God from one of Adam’s sides (or ribs) as an adult woman. She lived in the Garden of Eden as a wife and companion to her husband, Adam.



Foreshadowed in the Old Testament within Messianic promises (Isaiah 7:14), Mary would bear the Son of God. Relayed by the angel Gabriel, the mother of Jesus accepted God’s favor obediently and righteously.



Rebekah lived in the area of Aram-Naharaim, which is where Abraham sent his servant to seek a wife for his son, Isaac. Abraham’s servant sought to find a woman of excellent character for Isaac.



Hagar was an Egyptian slave living in the household of Abraham and Sarah. Sarah was unable to have children, so she decided to take matters into her own hands. She gave Hagar to Abraham so that through her he might be able to continue his line and have a child.



Sarah lived with her husband Abram, and they were both faithful to serve the Lord. While they were blessed by God, Sarai was unable to bear children. God made a promise to Abram that one day he would have a son, so his inheritance would not be passed down to a servant.


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