Trying to Conceive

"I wait for the Lord, my whole being waits, and in His word I put my hope." 

- Psalm 130:5

Maybe you’ve just started to try to get pregnant and it’s just not happening. Or perhaps you’ve been trying for a long time and worries about infertility have been pressing on your heart.

Whatever your situation, God is with you. Trying to conceive (TTC) can be a difficult process and God sympathizes with your struggles.

You aren’t broken, forgotten, or disqualified by your life experiences. The TTC journey is walked by Christians who come from many different backgrounds.

Exploring your options and finding the best methods to increase your chances of getting pregnant takes wisdom. Lean into God’s heart for you and know that no matter what, He has a good plan for your family.


“Why am I not getting pregnant?” is a question that weighs heavily on the hearts and minds of many women.

Answers might pop into your mind that are less than helpful. Don’t listen to the lies that say you haven’t prayed hard enough, fasted enough, or been righteous enough to deserve a little one of your own.

You are fiercely loved by the One who died in the name of love. He holds your heart and knows about your dreams.

Tips on “how to get pregnant fast” might make it seem attainable to just try harder and receive what you desire. However, when real signs of infertility show up, physical, emotional, and spiritual exhaustion are a real challenge.

Getting pregnant can take time. Leaning into the strength of God can help you recognize when to keep pressing on, and when to take a break and rest in His timing.

There are natural and practical ways to prepare your body for pregnancy. Reducing stress, recognizing the symptoms of pregnancy, and building a strong foundation in your marriage are all ways that you can take steps towards preparing for a child.

You are not alone

Maybe you’ve experienced the pain of a miscarriage or false pregnancy. Or perhaps you’ve been striving for a long time to conceive. No matter what has scarred your soul, know that you’re not alone in this journey.

Jesus weeps with you, especially in the storms of life. When the grieving process becomes common, He is there. When the darkness seems too much to take, He is there. When one more social media announcement shows up, He is there. When you offer yet another prayer to get pregnant, or another online search results in the same “how to get pregnant” list, He is there.

God can touch your heart and give you a calm mind, no matter what you face. Hannah in the Bible also walked the road of infertility. She and other strong women cried out to Him in their pain and despair. Just like those women, you can lean on His strength and know that He is always willing to uphold you and give you courage.

As you journey faithfully through thick and thin, finding support groups can help you walk down the path of a TTC pregnancy. Remember that you are loved, you have a purpose, and you can have peace that passes all understanding through Christ.

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